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sidebar.jpg Homebase Mail Forwarding Services are easy to use. YOU PICK the type of mail you want forwarded, or discarded... YOU CHOOSE how often you want the mail sent to you... You can pick a regular schedule, or just have it sent one time and then we will wait until you contact us again. This works very well for those on the move. You are NEVER locked in to any schedule... You can change your instructions as often as your plans change.

We can also receive non-postal mail & packages for you such as FedX, UPS etc... We will hold them here for you until you contact us. We also can ship to you by these other carriers if wanted, in the US or Internationally.

You use our address as yours, then you will only have to notify us of your address changes, instead of everyone who is sending you mail. You have a PERMANENT address for your mail without the problem of having to be there to get it. We do the waiting for your mail, hold it until you are ready for it, and YOU just travel and carry on your business.

The mailing forwarding charges are $75.00 for 6 months plus postage or $120.00 a year plus postage.

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Commercial Services

Statement Outsourcing 

Free up your staff from printing and mailing statements with statement outsourcing from Homebase! We can take your database and print off and mail all of your statements. This is all done through secure email and we can use any kind of database.

Inventory and Mail Fulfillment

Use Homebase Mail Forwarding as your warehouse! Send bulk shipments of your product to Homebase and we will ship them out to your customers individually. All you need to do is order and sell your product - we take care of the rest!

Bulk Mail and Presorting 

Give us a database of addresses, and we will organize and ship your mailings for you. We can print your mail, stuff your envelopes and fold your flyers. We can presort your addresses for the most cost-effective mailing expenses, getting you the lowest possible rate with the USPS. (USPS charges less if you organize your mail locations) We can also barcode your mail, which will save you more money.

Individual Services

Mail forwarding is a great way to have a secure mailing address that will prevent you from being a victim of mail fraud or having your mail stolen. This enables you to travel or live abroad without having to worry about your mail being safe or getting to you. Get your mail when you want it and don't worry!

This also allows you to take advantage of shopping online. You can have all of your shipments sent to a US address and then mailed in bulk to you. This allows you to save money on shipping costs